Sunday, November 16, 2008

Clothier's Seminar

I had two classes, one that I thought went well and one I thought that did not.
Since I had to cut down the hand stitching class to an hour, I gave the three people who came a choice between clothing construction or decorative stitches. They chose clothing construction. I didn't have a hand out because it was a hands on class and they'd get some practice in the class and examples that they did on their own to take wit. It worked out well. I didn't mind only having three people because each one got more help that way.
The shirt class didn't go so well, but I know what I'll do differently next time.

I wore the silk Italian dance dress and it is lookingg even better on me now that I have lost about 1o pounds so far. It's much more comfortable too. I'm concerned about one of the neckline corners in the front that seems to be ripping a little bit. It'll have to be reinforced from the inside to prevent further ripping.

I participated again in the Walk Through History. My hair taping was a big hit with many people and so were the socks that were the main highlights. I demonstrated that a few times for people. I got more work done on the large embroidery project and I'm nearly ready to move to a new section. I haven't gotten to it since Clothier's, but I'll have more time starting this week.

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