Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Embroidery Update

Here's a picture of where I'm at. I'm getting very close to moving to another section. I picked up a few more new colors, and the correct green I started with for the vines.

In other news, the dances are all planned for a mini-ball of 4-5 dances at Art-ic Madness, and I hope to be able to perform one, but I'll see about that.
I'll be on vacation on the 21st to the Black Hills and Wyoming with my family. I'll be taking along the wedding veil I've been working on for my foster sister, one of TJ's shirts, and the blackwork. There will be lots of time just sitting in the car. I'm taking two books, Dune and God's Clockmaker. And I lost 6 lbs last week! I am very proud of me.

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