Saturday, August 02, 2008

What's Next on My Plate

After much toil, the work on items for the church are done, I can move on to things that have been set aside. They can finally have their curtains. It's not my problem anymore. I can finally get back to work on my embroidery which I have missed these past several weeks and finish rebuilding my Flemish underdress. I haven't got to the point in figuring out how it will fit after re-engineering seams. It was a little big and now it'll likely be two sizes too small. I can easily find ways around that. It shouldn't be a problem. I'm waiting for 20 yards of white linen for new underclothes to arrive from along with 2-3 yards of blue linen for baldrics for Nordskogen Baronial Champions. If anyone has any good tips about making baldrics, let me know. I'm going to have a shoulder seam in them so they sit better. I have to make them able to fit a person from my size to Vlad's size to Ingus size. You never know who might have to wear them. I will be getting at least one new flemish chemise, a new Italian chemise, and one to wear under my lightest weight summer clothing (various robes). That will use up about 12 of the 20 yards.
I know all of you have been eagerly waiting to see exactly what Camp Shui is all about. Well, hold on to your camp stools and shade flys, because it will likely be coming this weekend! With pictures too!

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