Monday, June 09, 2008

The Return of Dance

Rosanore, Tosten and I have got together to come up with a plan for dance practices in Nordskogen! I have high hopes for this. Even if I only teach one person, I'm teaching something. Each of us is going to focus on a specific type/time period. Rosanore is taking the Inns of Court, Tosten will be doing English Country (and maybe out of period), and I get Italian dances. Each moot night we will have a mini-ball so people can practice. What this allows everyone, including the teacher, is to focus on one kind of dance each week and not just get a few minutes to try out one dance, but to really learn and memorize the steps. Many of the Italian dances are complicated to say the least. There is 15th and 16th century, they are longer, have lots of steps in various orders, and the few times that people get to them makes them harder to remember. I haven't done my favorite, Spagnoletto Rigolatto (affectionally called Spaghetti Rigatoni by me), in well over a year. I hope I remember it.