Monday, June 02, 2008

Sunshine and Hail

Saturday night there was a not so wonderful storm. We had hail and sunshine at the same time. Only in Minnesota. I now have hail damage on my pickup. Yeah. I don't even think I'll be making a claim for it.
I'm so far behind on all my projects right now that it isn't even funny. Part of the reason is I have to wear a hand splint on my right hand for a month because of a ganglion cyst. The bad part of it is that it puts pressure on the nerve and is causing some numbness in my right thumb. The splint is an attempt to avoid surgery, which I don't think is going to work. It feels better after wearing it, but the splint is really uncomfortable to wear. I can't bike to work, and I can't find my card to get into the gym at work. The only other solution is to walk to work. Ick. I'd rather bike anyway.
I'm not going to Lillies because of a number of circumstances. It makes me feel like I've been conspired against. By what, I don't know.

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