Sunday, August 03, 2008

Camp Shui

Yes folks! It is finally here! Here's how you do it:
1. Finish a brand new trestle table less than a week before the event. Make sure the table is what you want. Mine is tailor made for me. It is exactly waist high to me. I put a tape measure at my waist while wearing shoes and let it fall to the floor, stepped on it and that measurement is how high my table is. The shelf is high enough to accomodate an 18 gallon rubbermaid box underneath it.
2. Arrive as early as you can when site opens. If you are on staff, get there the night before it does. If you get there the night before, go to sleep next to the ice machine on your camping cot. It's that white noise thing, like sleeping with a fan on.
3. Wake up inappropriately early (5 am) because the stupid birds are singing and go out for breakfast. Don't forget to have coffee. It's more important than food.
4. Come back from breakfast. Pick a place to camp that meets all your requirements. Don't forget to wander aimlessly for about a half hour before actually deciding where to camp.
i. In quiet camping. If you camp in loud camping, that's where you are at. I can't sleep with alot of random noise.
ii. Not too far away from where everything is happening so you don't have to walk a lot. A bonus if you have stuff to carry.
iii. Shade if there is any. Good for taking naps. Score more points for shade AND a shade
fly, and if there is a good breeze to keep you cool while napping.
6. Accessorize. Have a wooden frame chair or cover up your chair. Try to hide anything made of plastic or anything modern, like your cooler. It makes a great bench when covered. The weekend before the event I found a basket that I can crush and stuff somewhere which I used for fruits and vegetables. I also found a small wooden tray I can put things like spice containers or utensils I don't want falling off the shelf underneath the table. Second hand stores are good places for stuff like that.
7. Have a banner. People should know that is your camp, especially if it looks good. Don't let it sit in a puddle when it rains. Dyes can run.
8. Look good when sitting in your camp. If you have a well arranged, good looking camp, look good in it. Even if it is your worst, sloppiest clothing, look good in it.
I definitely met all the requirements in #5. I always make sure of that.
I failed some things in #6. I couldn't find the cover for the water cooler, butI didn't like the fabric I used for it so no big deal. I'll just make another. I didn't make efforts to hide the camp stove and modern cooking stuff. They're eventually going to have their own box anyway. The problem I discovered with the table is that it is too tall to cook with one of the one burner propane stoves on top of it. I put it on the ground and sat in my chair and cooked. I actually got compliments from people walking by when I was cooking saying how good the camp looked, even with the modern stuff out.
I have one picture I really liked of my campsite. I thought I took a closer one of the table itself, but I guess I didn't. The other one is of the view I had. Specifically, notice the long banner which was similar to my own. That made me happy.