Thursday, October 09, 2008

Forge Night

I had sparks flying in my hair again. Luckily, I did not start on fire. All in all, it was a productive evening. Only Danr and I were in the shop so I was able to get a lot done tonight.
The last fold on my motorcycle chain knife is done. First, it had to be made into a billet and then I folded it four times. It will be a damascus knife, although I don't know how much of the pattern will actually be visible. I'll have to see about that when I'm done. This is my first knife and no welds failed! It will not have a full tang to the knife, and it isn't going to be that big. It'll be a small utility knife.
I nearly ruined it tonight, and Danr thought I couldn't fix it but in the end I had a good idea that worked to fix it. It took both of us to make it work. It was enough work to make it into a solid piece of metal so I could begin folding that I would be very unhappy if I couldn't fix what I did wrong. I was too thick at the end so the metal I had to take away to fix the mistake worked out just fine. I've now begun shaping the knife, and I need to consider what kind of shape I want. I'm hoping to hav ethis done by Boar's Head so I can show everyone.