Monday, November 17, 2008

Beer Tasting Nights

This one was on Nov 17.
So I finally got a spot in one of the beer tasting nights at the Four Firkins. It was so very worth it. Our host told some great stories about Begium beer. I picked up some new stuff and didn't realize it, but I got another bottle of Omegang Chocolate Stout. I don't have anything going so I'll likely spend my Saturday drinking one and maybe having a steak dinner to go along with it.
This is what we tried:
Tilburg Dutch Brown Ale
Pauwel Kwak
Tripel Karmeliet
St. Feuillien Brune (pronounced Fuy-yen)
Koningshoeven Quadrupel
DeuS Brut des Flanders. This was by far the most interesting thing I tried all night.
Urthel Hop

I liked everything except the last one, and that is because I don't like hoppy beers. I like a lot of the stuff I try so there has to be something I don't like.

So I haven't updated the post for a while. My name was drawn in the lottery to get into a second beer tasting night. This time, it was Battle of the Beers IV: A Yuletide Tussle. I didn't write down all the winners, but I remember my favorites.
This one was on Dec 1.
The featured beers were:
Round 1:
Samuel Smith Winter Welcome
August Schell Brewing Co. Snowstorm 2008
Results: Snowstorm 2008 was my favorite, and it won this round.
Round 2:
Anchor Brewing Co. Christmas Ule 2008
Beer with what tasted like Pumpkin Pie Spice.
Shmaltz Brewing Co. Jewbelation 12
Their 12th Anniversary Ale. Mix of 12 hops with 12% alcohol
Results: Jewbelation 12 was my favorite, but the Anchor won.
Round 3:
Brouwereij Het Anker Gouden Carollus Noel
Brouwereij St. Bernardus, St. Bernardus Christmas Ale
Results: The St. Bernardus won and had my vote. The other one was just too fruity.

Overall Winner: Anchor Brewing Company Christmas Ule 2008.
Out off all the six, this was my least favorite. I liked the St. Bernardus the best.

I bought a few more bottles, Kwak, another Saison and Deus. Once again, I spent way too much at The Firkins, but Alvey (the owner) somehow never seems to mind that.

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