Sunday, January 11, 2009

12th Night

If there ever was a good day to be a champion in Nordskogen, 12th Night had to be it. How else can you get a standing back row spot to the following:
Margaretta named Bard of Nordskogen
Niccolo getting a Baelfire
Simon Morcar getting elevated to Laurel for Rapier (and sneaking really great photos the whole time)
Moraig getting elevated to Pelican
and last but not least...
Margalit put on vigil for Pelican

The look on Margalist's face was just incredible. Not only that, but I got a Heliotrope from Their Excellencies so everyone had to move out of my way so I could get around to the front. I've always wanted to do that because I think it's funny.
It's like saying: Hi, I'm already up here so no one has to look around to find me because here I am!

I got lots of neat and geeky embroidery stuff along with various sweets. I really didn't need the sugar but it's 12th Night. Erica Poitevins gave me a chatelaine, retractable awl, embroidery scissors and holder, and a really fancy seam ripper. Giovanna gave me two books from the embroidery exhibit she saw in New York. One was a small catalog, the other an instruction book. It was hard not to practice stitches, but I didn't have the right materials I'd want to start working on them with. Tamsyn gave me a rubber duckie with snowflakes on it. I have a small but growing collection of various duckies at work. I'm only adding to the collection when someone gives me one just to see how big it might get.

Moraig liked the short bread I made for her vigil. I didn't know about Simon's so I didn't make anything. He had a lot of food anyway. It feel apart when I bit into it which is exactly what is supposed to happen. I've never made any before so there was no failure.

Then when I went up to SR Harris to deliver something to Eithni that I picked up for her today, I found some really nice wool on sale for $6 a yard that I hope passes the drop test. I could use some new rapier clothes. I haven't had any for so long. All the others at Harris agreed it was a good fabric for me. It's greenish but with lots of flecks of other colors in it, and it is a thinner 100% wool. I will need to line it, but my current stuff is lined too. If it doesn't work for that, I will probably make a coat from it. There's about 6 1/3 yards there.

Here are two new A&S 50 list items:
New Rapier Clothing
Make stands for Baronness Eithni and myself for our new ceramic cooking pots.

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