Monday, December 01, 2008

List new item.

1. The Corset project. See earlier posts. Working on it.

2. Make a trestle table. It's functional. Not pretty but functional and I will have it at WW.

3. Get better shoes. Either trade, barter, make or buy. I've been measured for shoes. Now I just have to order them.

4. Work on the Spanish circle (rapier). Haven't been fencing lately because of a hand injury. Now I have a foot injury, one very bad sprain that may take a month to heal.

5. Help someone new make clothing (I believe that one way to improve ourselves is to help others). Done.

6. Eat only period appropriate foods all day at one event and prepare them in a period manner, as in not using modern things like a silicone spatula. Lillies would be perfect for this. I'll have to do this next year. I didn't go this year.

7. Make a period hairpiece because I don't have enough hair as it is. Not started.

8. Make a hat to go with one set of clothes. Not started.

9. Perform a dance before an audience, not just dance during a ball or practice. Preferrably with Master Etienne and I'd like the dance to be Spagnoletto Rigolatto. Not done yet. I found a place that I can perform this, now I just need a dance partner.

10. Make a 6 board box. My brother is actually making two for me, and he is really an excellent wood worker. He has the wood but hasn't done anything with it yet.

11. Finish the 15th century table knife. I'm to the point of sanding it, but the grinding is very cold in winter and standing in front of a belt sander that blows cold air back at you isn't my idea of a good time. I'm thinking about starting a new one. I have made progress on the one I've started so I probably won't be making a completely new one. I had no wld failures, but did almost ruin it but was able to fix it.

12. Make late period hair curling tongs. I'm just going to make these, not actually use them on my hair. Not started. Gotta do some more research yet.

13. Reline Flemish dress and make a pattern from it. Working on it. I've made progress, but I don't need this until it is warm again.

14. Teach 50 embroidery classes on any type of embroidery, by individual or group. I've taught seven. Make that 11.

15. Finish the Tudor undergarments, not including the corset embroidery project, by Lillies. Didn't happen. Enough said there. I'll try to get this done by Lillies next year.

16. Make a girdle book. Not started. No Change.

17. Learn how to do smocking, and how it is combined with blackwork. Make an outfit for an infant that can be let out as the child grows (I just found out a non-SCA friend is pregnant and she requested an outfit for the baby). Not started. No change here either.

18. Make a set of Roman style clothing. I bought the most wonderful mustard-y yellow cotton gauze today which is a good color for me. I'll probably pair it with a bright green gauze. I didn't buy any white because it came in two pieces and there wasn't enough. I have to get more fabric to do this. Still the same.

19. Make a beaded collar for the black silk Italian dress. I don't have the beads yet. TJ wasn't happy with them so he sent them back. No beads yet.

20. Make a new chemise to go with the black silk Italian dress. Working on it. I started that a while ago. Not started.

21. Find a use for all the fabric I own and don't buy any more unless absolutely necessary. This will actually take seven years. I'm nowhere on this one.

22. New Champion Baldrics for the Barony of Nordskogen. I almost have all the threads pulled for these to have 12 even strips out of the blue. They will be lined with white linen. There will be a seam at the shoulder so they sit better on the individual wearing them. By the end of September I want to start the embroidery. Got one started.

23. Build a small shade fly with side walls to use for cooking. Not started.

And the next item:
24. Complete one set of wax tablets by 12th Night.