Saturday, January 17, 2009


I finally have a copy of this book! I am so very thrilled. I was in a group that won a competition to fill in an apparently missing section of a dance at one of the Dance Seminars and this was the prize. I never even got to look at the book as it was given to someone else in the group. I got together with one of my friends from my Calontir days that lives here now. We went to the Chatterbox for dinner and then to the Half Price Books on Ford Parkway. I wasn't going to go in the basement, but I decided to check out their dance section in the basement and there it was for $5! if I didn't have homework to do, I'd be up all night reading it.
Maybe new pics tomorrow. I've made progress on the Nordskogen champion baldric projects. The archery badge is almost half done, and the bardic badge only has the strings left to be embroidered.

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